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About us

Sounderground is a company that focuses on film, TV and multimedia production and sound. The philosophy behind Sounderground focuses on detail, quality and creativity ensuring that the visual style of any production has sound to match. Having provided production sound, ADR, music recording and composition, sound restoration, sound design and mixing and mastering work for hundreds of projects, the wealth of knowledge covers a wide aspect of styles and genres.

Our philosophy

The sound design created in our work combines the ingredients that we love. Blending art and cutting-edge technology with a wide-ranging breadth of techniques to create a sonic landscape to match any visual concept. Besides our knowledge and experience we offer solutions and services to any project that requires the use of sound. As projects, genres and media are so varied it is impossible to generalize the process and as such we tailor create sonic palettes to match every job specifically wether that be audio visual (film, TV, multimedia and video games) or otherwise.


Content doesn’t necessarily conform to the audio-visual format and as such we also experiment with audience’s imagination in purely audio formats such as radio genres, audio-guides and audiobooks. There is a unique potential to attract the audience’s attention by not only employing the usual audible effects but also by working with many areas of the mind including human subconsciousness and psychological perception. Sonic strategies can be employed through the use of rhythm, layering of sounds, space, loudness, pitch and music.


Technically, we provide on location sound recording with many years of experience in both documentary and feature films having worked in a variety of countries, environments and weather conditions, always using the best equipment for the job, catering to the appropriate specification. We also provide post production services such as studio recording, ADR, editing, sound restoration Foley recording and editing as well as mixing in all formats.

As well as the sound production services we also participate and support interesting and important projects as a co-production.

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