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Czech Allah (2016)

Original title : Český Alláh

82 min   |   Audio track : CZE   |    Director : Zuzana Piussi

Sound postproduction : Václav Flegl

Although the wave of migration may have brought only a few dozen refugees into the Czech Republic, a substantial part of the population has been plunged into a state of panic about migrants and Islam. For two years, filmmaker Zuzana Piussi monitored the response of the Czech society. The result is a time-lapse film, a collection of human figures and characters connected by a single issue: a profound interest in the topic of refugees and Islam. Everyone confronts the topic equipped with their own truth. The film thus follows old friends like Martin Konvička and Jana Volfová as well as people who have decided to welcome the refugees, regardless of the consequences. Each of them eventually gains a new life experience within this turbulent social situation.

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