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The Okamura Brothers (2019)

84 min   

Original title : Bratři Okamurové

Audio track : Czech, English, Japanese 

Director : Filip Remunda 

Producer: Hypermarket Film

Sound postproduction : Václav Flegl

A populist politician, a devout Christian, and a successful architect – 3 brothers, each very different. The film offers a non-traditional view of one Czech-Japanese family.

Tomio Okamura transformed himself from a businessman in tourism into a successful politician who divides society with his extreme views. His older brother, Hayato Okamura, is a convinced Christian Democrat for whom decency is paramount. The youngest, Osamu Okamura, focuses on urban design and tries to understand different opinions. How was this varied trio of brothers formed by their difficult Czech-Japanese childhood? Despite being so different, can they get along? This film offers a deeper behind-the-scenes look at this family and their complicated relationships. It is as if the world of the brothers Okamura is a microcosm of the divided Czech society of today.

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