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Saving One Who Was Dead (2022)

90 min   

Original title : Zpráva o záchraně mrtvého

Audio track : Czech

Director : Václav Kadrnka

Producer: Sirius Film 

Sound: Václav Flegl

After a serious stroke, the Father goes into a coma. The Mother (Zuzana Mauréry) and the Son (Vojtěch Dyk) are suddenly confronted with a motionless body; the doctors do not give them much hope. The person they love is somewhere far away and their words can’t reach him. If living has any boundary, they are determined not to let the Father cross it. The quiet corridors of the hospital are gradually transformed into a labyrinth of the spirit, where voices are whispers; expression is deep within. Or everyone is silent. Because it’s so difficult to talk about certain things… Four years on from Karlovy Vary’s graceful ride Little Crusader, Václav Kadrnka invites us on a spiritual journey to places man is seldom permitted to enter since, here, life huddles up tightly to death and only the resurrected can return.

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