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Invisible Landscapes (2022)

47 min   

Audio track : English

Director : Ivo Bystřičan

Producer: Tereza Swadoschová

Sound mix: Václav Flegl

Two musicians, two field recordists and a philosopher venture on a mission to discover the sound of climate collapse. They visit places in the Icelandic and Czech landscapes that have been marked by industry as well as those seemingly left untouched by human activity. Using recording technology, they give voice to the physical places where significant power generating, natural, and political processes are taking place. The sound is a consequence of events that occurred in the past and that are pointing towards the future. Right now it is being decided whether the future will be inevitably destructive.

Although still impossible to see within the invisible landscapes, we can already hear it coming if we listen carefully. What language and in what voice will the matter with a non-human face speak to us if we try to listen? What will appear if we venture inside? What testimony does it bear to the oppressive climate future? And what does it whisper about us, the Earthlings? In the tangle of infrastructures, the politics of a catastrophe are imperceptibly enacted. Places with the potential of producing power and livelihood under the vault of the climate crisis start to provide testimony about us, themselves, and the times past and future.

❋❊❊ Sound tells the climate story of the future.

Invisible Landscapes_1.png
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