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Blood Kin (2021)

85 min   

Original title : Lidi krve

Audio track : Czech

Director : Miroslav Bambušek

Producer: Saša Dlouhý

Sound: Václav Flegl

A film drama about our present times. Otto Hille, the story’s main character, was hired to take old Švarc to the land of his ancestors. The old man would like to pass through a painful purgatory in order to come to terms with the things he has hidden all his life. Thanks to the journey, Otto returns to the derelict German village of Vitín, the place that is at the centre of the entire story. It is there he encounters the ghost of his grandfather Otfried. He falls back to 1945 and becomes a victim to events that are at the root of his nightmares and horror. The past is a key to the present.

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