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Pongo Calling (2022)

78 min   

Audio track : Czech, English

Director : Tomáš Kratochvíl

Producer: Radim Procházka

Location sound: Václav Flegl

Štefan Pongo is a Roma lorry driver. Fifteen years ago, he emigrated from the Czech Republic to the UK with his family to shield them from the open racial discrimination there. The children have graduated from university and the family is doing well. But hateful sentiments from the old country continue to have an impact. When the Czech president claims that the Roma are work-shy, an angry Štefan asks other Roma to send him photographs on social media of them at work. Štefan receives thousands of photos and becomes a well-known media figure. He starts producing video blogs, organizes anti-racism demonstrations and provides humanitarian aid to Roma settlements in need. All this comes at the cost of time spent with his family. Štefan’s spirited wife, Iveta, has had enough.

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