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Art Talent Show (2022)

102 min   

Original title : Zkouška umění

Audio track : Czech

Director : Adéla Komrzý, Tomáš Bojar

Producer: GPO Platform 

Location sound: Václav Flegl

The Academy of Arts (AVU) in Prague holds entrance exams every year. At three different studios, the film observes a demanding challenge the teachers are facing: how to find the chosen ones in the crowds of applicants, the new talents who will be given opportunities to form the art world in the following years? How will the teachers stand the test? The talent test eventually becomes an art as such. What is the role of art in today’s confused world? And more questions emerge: Who do we make art for? Is it enough to do things as we feel them? Do we need to know when Tiepolo made his works? Is there anything left to scandalize us? A murder or a suicide? Bisexuality or pansexuality? Shit or blood? What does all of this tell us about the character and meaning of today’s art?

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