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Hearing The Little Owl (2020)

28 min   

Original title : Slyšet sýčka

Audio track : Czech

Director : Jan Hošek

Producer: Marián Polák

Sound: Václav Flegl

The little owl is associated with a number of myths and legends. Everybody knows its ominous hooting. However, nowadays it is almost impossible to hear this particular sound in nature.

This documentary concerned with the lives of little owls was created as a part of the Athene project, which aims to restore this endangered species. While a century ago, the Czech Republic was a nesting ground for thousands of these remarkable birds, their population decreased by over 90% within a generation. Currently, only 100 couples nest in the Czech Republic. When and why did this happen? What does the future hold for these owls? This film, accompanied by captivating animations, brings answers to these questions and more.

Slyset sycka 2.jpeg
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