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Skywalk Above Prague (2020)

60 min   

Original title : Provazochodkyně nad Prahou

Audio track : French, English, Czech 

Director : Václav Flegl, Jakub Voves 

Producer: Letní Letná

Sound : Václav Flegl

The opening show of the 2019 Letní Letná festival. Between Heaven and Earth high above Prague’s bridges, a French acrobat is walking. She is passing from one side of the Vltava to the other over a 350-meter tightrope. Her gait reflects absolute concentration and courage but also her faith and the attention of spectators standing on the ground with their heads tilted back in silent awe. This documentary allows the audience to watch this feat from the perspective of Tatiana standing on a rope 35 meters above the river.

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