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Matrix AB (2014)

73 min   |   Audio tracks : CZE   |  Director : Vít Klusák

Sound postproduction : Václav Flegl 

The documentary Matrix AB focuses on Czech politician and businessman Andrej Babiš, whom the director filmed for about one year with Babiš's permission. It shows Babiš in his private life and also during the political campaign of the 2013 legislative election. It shows Babiš's business partners, critics or members ofhis party and their view on Babiš. These people include Martin Komárek, Jan Kasl and Sabina Slonková. In the film, there are moments when Babiš forgets that he is being watched by cameras and says controversial things. The film ends with Babiš's reaction to the film where he calls it a "dirty trick".

The film also prominently features Bohumír Rada, a businessman who used to be Babiš's major business partner until he was controversially removed from business. Rada describes Babiš's business practices and personality.

Dokument Provazochodkyně nad Prahou - ukázka
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