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We are able to provide any specifications for sound equipment, optimising the gear needed for any project. For feature films we use larger systems operated by experienced sound engineers, supported by assistants.

This will consist of sound carts, using independent power supplies running on separate batteries. A multitrack recorder, rack of wireless receivers, wireless personal monitoring units, video monitors and other necessary accessories provided – playback systems, TC slate, car and walkie talkies.

We use top quality microphones and can even provide surround sound mics, especially suited to film projects which are perfect for recording unique ambience tracks. (We closely collaborate with SFX sound bank servers that offer our sounds, with a range of unique and professionally recorded samples.)


We also own high quality practical documentary focused kits that exactly fit in a Peli air case, conforming to the standard cabin luggage size restrictions. The film location sound equipment also weighs exactly 23kg, matching the standard cabin luggage weight. Four radiomics come included – along with audio transmitters using high quality Sanken microphones and receivers in a portable rack system. Also included are stereo mic booms, sound devices 644 recorder, tc generator and accessories.


Petr Plechač




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