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Steam On The River (2015)

Original title : Pára nad řekou

83 min   |   Audio tracks : ENG, GER, CZE, SLO

Directors : Robert Kirchhoff, Filip Remunda

Production : Atelier.doc  

Like the steam that silently appears and then disappears over a flowing river, the life of every human is just as fleeting, and this particularly applies in the case of artists. The transience of their fame is the main topic of this documentary, which provides a glimpse into the lives of three ageing jazzmen: trumpeter Laco Déczi, saxophonist Ľubomír Tamaškovič, and contrabass player Ján Jankeje, who fled from the Soviet-occupied Czechoslovakia to the West, where their stars shone alongside those of the world’s famous musicians. The reflective melancholy mood of the film, capturing the mist of fame just before it dissipates, is reflected in the overall relaxed, contemplative rhythm of the narrative.

Dokument Provazochodkyně nad Prahou - ukázka
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