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Sugar Sand (2017)

Original title : Zuckersand

89 min   |  Audio track : German  

Director : Dirk Kummer

Location recordist  : Václav Flegl

Festivals prizes : Baden - Baden TV Film Festival  - winner

Munich Film Festival - winner

Nominee :  German TV Academy Awards

German Television Awards

Producers : Jakob Claussen, Ulrike Putz

At the end of the 1970s in East Germany: Fred and Jonas are close friends. The 10-year-olds live near to the German-German frontier. After Jona's mother has made an exit application, the boys have to recognize that they are soon separated from each other. But they want to dig a tunnel to Australia to meet there themselves again. When Jonas should leave the country with his mother this night changes everything.

Zuckersand Trailer | Filmfest München 2017
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