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Tomáš Halík - Dialogs with the World (2018)

52 min   |   Czech 

Producer: Kajka 

Director: Veronika Korčáková

DoP: Miroslav Janek

Sound: Václav Flegl

The only Czech winner of the prestigious Templeton Prize, a prominent figure in Czech spiritual life, a theologian, sociologist, psychologist and publicist, who is currently living his 70th anniversary, in a time-lapse documentary by director V. Korčáková.

The time-lapse documentary maps the turning points of Tomáš Halík's life since he took over the Templeton Prize in 2014. Miroslav Janek's intimate pictorial testimony gives insight into the private sphere of one of the most distinctive intellectuals in the contemporary Czech Republic. Thus, in a transferred sense, it really enters the depths of human thought and feeling. The film reveals the extent to which a permanent internal struggle takes place behind the external backdrops of university lectures and ecclesiastical rituals, in which the quest for truth and the meaning of life goes. Last but not least, he tries to answer the question of where Tomáš Halík draws energy to practically constant opinion polemics and how he deals with the manifestations of human anger and hatred.

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