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Don't Be Angry, Ukraine (2016)

Original title : Ukrajino, nezlob se

63 min   |  Audio track : CZE 

Director : Radim Špaček

Sound postproduction : Václav Flegl

Produced by Czech TV

An unusual road movie in which M. C. Putna reveals the historical and religious roots of the current conflict in Ukraine. The film is inspired by his book Paintings from the Cultural History of Russian Religiosity. 

The Czech public monitors the conflict in Ukraine, but mostly sees only its current political dimension. Ukraine, angry, is exploring why the current relations between Russia and Ukraine have developed so historically. The film recalls the main stages and conflicting points in the history of both nations, which are sometimes common in history, sometimes opposing each other: early Christianity in Crimea, Kievan Rus, pro-European and anti-European tradition in Baroque, Tsarist Russia, which refuses to recognize Ukrainian identity and subsequent formation Ukrainian culture in Austria-Hungary, the period of red terror and the Ukrainian famine.

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