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Day and Night (2016)

Original title : Ve dne v noci

71 min   |   Audio track : CZE   |  Director : Ivan Vojnár

Sound : Václav Flegl

Prague's Stromovka Park is a remarkable place. It is not just a piece of nature on the outskirts of the metropolis, it is not just a place for rest, sports and various other city pastimes. At least not exclusively. Stromovka and its surroundings can be more. It can become a scaled-down model of the world, a microcosm that reflects the life of nature, the life of man and the life of society from birth to extinction.
In the basic dramaturgical structure, the film is spread out at all times of the year, to which the four basic stages of human life correspond. Director Ivan Vojnár takes us through the corners of the park, where he spent almost his whole life in the vicinity. The fates of people and nature connect.

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