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Voices from a distance (2018)

Original title: Hlasy přicházejí z dáli

27 min   |   Audio track CZE

directing Ahmed Al-Sabaiei

editing Ahmed Al-Sabaiei, Šárka Sklenářová

sound: Václav Flegl

producer Saša Dlouhý

production freeSaM

The first film by Iraqi director Ahmed Al-Sabaiei, who shot the film following his involuntary departure from Baghdad to the Czech Republic. In the documentary Hlasy přicházejí z dáli ("Voices from a Distance") he has recorded the genuine testimony of three notable representatives of the Czech cultural scene of Arabic origin, who express their love for the city of Prague in which they live. The representatives of the documentary film are writer and translator Charif Bahbouh, pedagogue and musician Marwan Alsolaiman, and pedagogue, actor, and musician Rachid Rahma.

Hlasy přicházejí z dáli - trailer
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