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Wilder Than Wilderness (2017)

Original title: Planeta Česko

81 min   |   Audio tracks: CZE  |  Producer: Radim Procházka

Director: Marián Polák

DoP: Jiří Petr, Marián Polák

Editor: Tomáš Doruška

Music: Kristian Koll, Jarda Svoboda

Sound: Václav Flegl

Near us, in the former mines, on mountain tops, on housing estates and at railway stations, nature takes back what man has stolen. Within the environment of open cast brown coalmines and spoil tips which are the reminder of a lunar landscape, one finds paradoxically a true tale of an impregnable wild countryside. For most people it is a symbol of an ecological catastrophe, same as the abandoned industrial complexes, former army training ranges or dense woods gobbled up by the bark beetle. But for nature they are untamed spots which bring with them a process of recuperation. Just beyond our backyard we see everyday dramas of animals and plants which tend to fascinate us in films that come from the far reaches of our planet.

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